A downloadable game

This includes the final executable of a super Pac-man remake. 

Note: "map1.txt" is the standard map for playing and "base.txt" is a map one can use to practice using the map editor.

The game includes:

  • All functionality included except stars and multiple lives
  • Controllable Pac-man Ghosts that chase Pac-man using BFS algorithm and start in the centre
  • Textures for the environment, Pac-man and ghosts
  • Can pick up fruit and pellets

 Score system and high score 

  • Multiple maps loaded from a text file Map editor for these maps 
  • Splash screen and pause menu

The controls:



mazebuilder controls: Left-click on open full cells to cycle between fruit, key, super pellet, power pellet, and open. Left-click on a small cell to cycle between wall, door, and open. Right-click on a key to begin linking to a door Right-click on a door after a key to link door and key together. Left-click anywhere to stop linking process. Middle-click to cycle between Pac-Man spawn and Ghost spawn.

A valid maze must have four Ghost spawns and one Pac-Man spawn. A valid map needs a name. The maze does not require the user to link all doors but this will cause unenterable locations. The maze does not require the user to have any fruit, however, if there are no fruit, the game cannot end.

Install instructions

Unzip this file, open up the executables and run Pac-man Super.exe.


Super Pac-Man Executable.zip 7 MB
Super Pac-Man Docs.zip 966 kB


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